WOJ Lent 3, Year A

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Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirsty again (Jesus, John 4:14) Photo by Frank Albrecht on Unsplash Feel free to share “Words of Jesus” with your networks: Tweet or post to social media Include in your organisation’s bulletin Add to your slides for reflection on the Sunday readings Print for staff inspiration Add to your

2014 August

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From the Editor This month is the second in our Sacrament Essentials series. The featured sacrament is Baptism and we have written this with a mind to provide a bit of theology and also practical and simple ways of doing it in every day life. After all, theology that does not move us to action

Advent Prayer II

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[Make the  Sign of the Cross] Leader: Lord God, you are the light of the world, the source of all life.  Be our light. Be our life. [Light the Advent candles: 1 for the first week, 2 for the second, 3 (pink) for the third, and 4 for the fourth] Leader: Lord God, your Word

Advent Water Wreath

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The Advent Wreath is rich in symbolism: The circular shape, with no beginning or end symbolises the eternity of God. Purple candles symbolize penance. The Rose candle, lit on the third Sunday stands for joy. The use of greenery, usually evergreens, signifies continuous life. This Advent Wreath is an innovative adaptation of an old tradition.