The Creative 100 challenge

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The CathFamily team is doing a 100-day creative challenge from February 4 to Pentecost Sunday and would like you to join us! Get ready to discover God’s creative Spirit in your daily life while having lots of fun.

Each of us is an expression of God’s creative work, and each of us has the innate capacity to be creative. Growing our appreciation of God’s gift of creativity is one way to grow in gratitude for God’s presence in our daily lives.

You can do this on your own, or do it as a family.

Not good at art or craft? Not a problem. Think creatively about how YOU or your family can be creative.

For our challenge your creative expression can be in any form you like, for example, drawing, reading, writing, photographing, crafting, cooking, dressing or hairstyling, gardening, home decorating, playing music, even making a great chart or spreadsheet!

It can be related to professional, personal, or prayer life but should be preceded or accompanied by a sense of tapping into God’s creative Spirit and honouring it.

Creative 100 guidelines:

  • Try to do one thing a day that will take you around 15 minutes. (But if you afford more time, go for it!)
  • Keep a journal, scrapbook, photobook etc.
  • Once a week, take a few moments to look back and reflect on how God might be ‘speaking’ to you through your daily inspiration.
  • Drop us a line or post a picture at least once on the CathFamily Facebook page or Twitter at @Cath_Family with the hashtag #creative100. We might might use a selection of these in a future issue of CathFamily.

If you miss a day or two just pick up where you left off, but we will be trying to do all 100 days.

We look forward to growing creatively with you!

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