• Jesse  Tree branches or banner.
  • One (or more) Jesse Tree symbols ready.
  • Scripture story ready.
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Jesse Tree Prayer

[Make the Sign of the Cross]

[Light your Prayer Candle]

[Sing a song of praise or say together:]

Lord God,
Our hearts long for your coming.
We wait to joyfully welcome you.

[Read the scripture passage or retell the story of the Jesse Tree character. Talk about how that person is a model of faith. Pass the symbol around so that everyone can see and touch it. One person place the symbol on the tree.]

[Each person says a prayer for their intentions.]

Response: Lord Hear our Prayer

[All say the Advent Prayer together]

Father in Heaven,
soon the glory of your son, Jesus
will make the night bright with light.
Prepare our hearts and minds.

[Optional: Say the Jesse Tree Litany calling on the ancestors already on your tree so that the litany builds over the course of Advent.]

The Jesse Tree Litany

The Litany of Saints is a repetitive prayer that calls on the Communion Saints to intercede for us to God. It has a beautiful rhythm with a leader saying the name of the Saint and the rest of the community responding with ‘pray for us’. Another variation is the Litany of Loreto, a prayer that calls on Mary, our heavenly mother in all her different titles to ‘pray for us’.

Try the Jesse Tree adaptation as part of your Advent preparations and connect with the yearnings of the Jewish people for the coming of the Saviour. You can add all the Jewish Holy Men and Women, or just those already on your Jesse Tree so the prayer builds momentum throughout Advent. At the end, the Hebrew versions of the Jesus (Yeshua) and Mary (Miriam) are used.

Jesse Tree Litany

Leader All
God the Father, Creator of the world, Hear our prayer.
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, Hear our prayer.
God the Holy Spirit, Sustainer of the world, Hear our prayer.
Holy Trinity, one God of all, Hear our prayer.





[List each of the Holy men and women on your Jesse tree starting with the most ancient.]

Adam & Eve, holy people of God, pray for us.
Noah, holy man of God, pray for us.
Abraham, holy man of God, pray for us.
Sarah, holy woman of God, pray for us.


[Add as many Jewish Holy People as desired.]

St Joseph, father of Yeshua, pray for us.
Holy Miriam, mother of Yeshua, pray for us.
Yeshua, Word made flesh, Hear us.
Yeshua, Emmanuel, God be with us.
Yeshua, Star of Bethlehem, Lead us.
Yeshua, Saviour of the World, Redeem us.
Yeshua, Humble babe in a manger, Heal us.
Yeshua, King of Kings, Reign over us.


Lord God,
you have given us the example of these holy men and women.
In their lives, they sought to give glory to you
and to live in your grace.
By the mystery of your love draw us ever closer to you.
Strengthen us with your grace
and raise our hearts and minds to heaven.


[Finish with the Sign of the Cross]


For more information on the Jesse Tree tradition and history, check out this article. For instructions and ideas on making your own Jesse Tree, see this activity which also comes with downloadable templates.

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