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Advent is upon us! In this edition, our Christmas focus is Surprise Babies in honour of the ultimate surprise baby, Jesus.
This month’s article features the testimony of Louise Elliott, one of our readers whose ‘surprise baby’ was born a week before Christmas in 2013. The article also shares some insights into the emotional rollercoaster ride of a surpise baby with some tips and resources to help you or help you support a friend or family member on this beautiful journey.
In the seasonal notes, we have a round up of our best Advent crafts and prayers to make this time in your family special. We also have a big feature on St Nicholas (Dec 6) and how to incorporate generosity-focused fun into your family’s Christmas traditions.

Kiara Pirola

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  1. Laurie R.

    Thank you for your magazine. I just stumbled upon it looking for articles on Our Lady of Guadalupe, I received a whole lot more. This article, about surprise babies, the test in reverse for those who cannot conceive, has opened me completely. I had an emergency surgery after my 4th child that took away any chance of bearing children. Until I read the article I have been in pain. It has been 23 years. I didn’t know it was okay to feel this way. The world tells you I should have been happy, relieved. But, it took my very definition of myself away and has caused me disconnect with my 5 grandboys. Maybe now, I can properly grieve and know I have felt normal all this time. Maybe now I can name this and move on. Maybe now I can rejoice in my current state of life and leave the control to God.

    • Kiara Pirola

      Kiara Pirola

      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that with us Laurie! Fertility and infertility is such a difficult area for all of and fear and grief can be so crippling. We hope and pray that your journey leads to the peace and joy your looking for.