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  1. cyndi

    You used to be able to download these (so they could be printed). I find reading online so terrible and love having a paper copy I could read . Why the change?

    • Francine Pirola

      Francine Pirola

      Hi Cyndi,
      CathFamily has always been a eMagazine and is designed for comfortable reading on a computer screen or tablet. I thought the publishing platform allowed for download and printing but I can’t see how to do this on this issue. I do note that you can order a print copy to be posted to you via a third party provider. Open the flipbook in the ISSUU platform and select ‘print’.

    • Francine Pirola

      Francine Pirola

      You can still download the document. Click on the flip book above to open it in ISSUU. At the bottom of the screen is the ‘share’ icon. Click this and select ‘download’. It’s a big file and will take several minutes but from there you can print it if you would like.