Advent Prayer I

[Make the  Sign of the Cross]

Leader: Lord God, you are the light of the world, the source of all life.  Be our light. Be our life.

[Light the Advent candles: 1 for the first week, 2 for the second, 3 (pink) for the third, and 4 for the fourth]

Leader: Lord God, your Word is light to our lives. We listen with an open heart to your Word.

[Read a scripture passage from the Mass of the day. If desired, discuss together, then offer any personal prayers]

Leader: Heavenly Father, we praise you and thank you that you would love us so much as to send your only Son into the world.

All: Come, Emmanuel, come!

Leader: Lord Jesus, with joyful anticipation we await your coming anew into our world and our lives.

All: Come, Emmanuel, come!

Leader: Spirit of God, you fill our hearts with longing and our souls with rejoicing.

All: Come, Emmanuel, come!

Leader: With our Heavenly Mother, Mary, we unite in waiting for our Lord.

All: Hail Mary, Full of grace … etc

[Make the Sign of the Cross]

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