Offering  informative  and  engaging  articles  by  quality  writers  in  Australia  and  overseas,  FRANKLY has been designed to engage with ordinary people on topics that are relevant to their everyday lives.

Aesthetically  beautiful and visually rich, FRANKLY celebrates the joy, hope, humour, and challenges of Catholic  living.

FRANKLY is a 128 page quality book presented in contemporary magazine format.


  • Archbishop Mark Coleridge Brisbane
  • Robert Falzon MenALIVE
  • Archbishop Anthony Fisher Sydney
  • Cathy Harris Entrepreneur
  • Bishop Eugene Hurley Darwin
  • Fr Tony Percy Canberra
  • Byron & Francine Pirola SmartLoving
  • Marilyn Rodrigues FRANKLY Editor
  • Fr Mike Shmitz U.S.A…and more.

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FRANKLY  unpacks for easy understanding. It dives right into the tough topics and is not afraid to question the status quo and challenge the secular assumptions


  • Mixing money with faith
  • Mercy: An extra shot of grace
  • Freeing the kids from the time squeeze
  • Infertility: Stories of heartache and hope
  • Pope soundbites: Truth vs Spin
  • The science of love unpacked
  • Frank talk on ‘Tough Topics’
  • Insight from the ‘Father Factor’
  • Care for our common home


Frankly jess shoot

stars“This new publication is a game changer. It’s modern, relevant, family-focused and supportive of a new level of connection in the parish and beyond. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”


Founding Director Choicez Media, beingCatholic


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  1. Cathy Kennedy

    I just read FRANKLYmag for the first time. As I read it, I kept thinking of all those we meet in our evangelisation work who have lapsed in their practice of faith but are spiritual, mindful and actively engaged in assessing today’s culture and forming values to pass on to their kids. This magazine answers many of the kinds of questions they ask and gently introduces the joy and meaning of Catholic faith and life. We can’t wait to offer FRANKLYmag to them! Thank you.

    Cathy Kennedy, Director, CREDO (Office for Evangelisation & Renewal, Archdiocese of Sydney)

  2. John Collins

    Congratulations on your website and e publications. The site and the publications are intelligent, beautiful and useful. I am to arrange for a link to your site from the Home Page of the National Office for Evangelisation website.
    Your family and your work is truly a gift to the Church

    Dr John Francis Collins
    Acting Director, National Office for Evangelisation – Catholic Enquiry Centre

  3. Teresa Pirola

    Well done, on FRANKLY! I am hearing great feedback about it from my Broken Bay colleagues and networks. People appreciate its reader-friendliness and joyful spirit, and of course the focus on Pope Francis. Not to mention the price!!

    Teresa Pirola
    Projects Officer / Ecumenism and Interfaith Relations
    Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

  4. Rob Cosgrove

    To be absolutely frank, earnest, genuine and honest about it ‘Frankly’ is fantastic. The editorial team, Marilyn Rodriguez and Francine Pirola, have completed an extraordinary task with this publication – great reading, bite-size, engaging and topical, combined with stunning photography and a modern design to rival anything on the magazine rack of a big city newsagent. For busy parents, young adults, well anyone really, this truly is a wonderful ‘gift’ to inspire, nurture and enliven relationships of the soul and the heart.
    Rob Cosgrove, Evangelisation Brisbane

  5. Jude Hennessy

    Hi Byron and Francine and all the crew responsible for ”Frankly”. This is awesome, so cool and fresh. It is something I can confidently share with family and friends disconnected from faith knowing that it will present the Church just as it is, the vibrant joyful hope of the world. Articles are relevant and present the truths and challenges of the Church so credibly. As usual, Love your work guys!

    Jude Hennessy / Diocese of Wollongong Director of CCD and Evangelisation

  6. Francine Pirola

    Francine Pirola

    Big news! Yesterday we reached orders for 10,000 copies of FRANKLY. We estimate that they will have a reach of approximately 40,000 people as they are passed around family and friends. Thank you to all those who have placed orders so far.

  7. Christopher West

    From the title to the layout to the content – I love Frankly! This is just the kind of thing we need to reach people in the new evangelization. Well done!

    Christopher West
    Founder and President, The Cor Project
    Senior Lecturer of Theology & Christian Anthropology, Theology of the Body Institute

  8. Andy Mullins

    Congratulations. What a beaut feel for a family magazine. With magazine articles that add value for once… Good Weekend move over.

  9. robert

    great mag!

  10. Claire

    Makes being Catholic look like fun!
    Has something for everyone.
    A good read.
    Love the dog asking if cats go to heaven!
    Nice to read something meaningful, balanced, clever, intelligent and with humour.

  11. Bishop Peter Ingham

    Congratulations on the production of “FRANKLY” – what a polished and attractive product. I shall be ordering copies and also recommending it to our Diocesan Agencies. You have a great gift for selling the message in a delicious way for consumers. Strength to your arm!
    Bishop Peter Ingham,
    Diocese of Wollongong

  12. Philipa - FRANKLY Team

    HOW EXCITING! Big call out to Ascot Vale Parish in Melbourne who have placed an order for 25 boxes – We love that you can see how valuable FRANKLY will be for your Evangelisation efforts this Christmas. Cant wait to hear about the response from you! God bless

  13. Greg Popcak

    What a terrific publication. I’m so grateful for your work in presenting the Catholic faith as a truly positive option. Really phenomenal work! Dr. Greg Popcak, Founder/Director: Pastoral Solutions Institute

  14. Angela Barlow

    Thank you for the issue of Frankly that arrived at our office today. My early twenties children, all 4 of them, took turns commenting on the style of it. Congratulations! It feels and looks beautiful.

  15. Charles Galea

    Dear editors,
    It was a pleasure reading those snippets of beautiful writings in the Frankly. They are so inspiring and full of serene and postive thoughts that celebrate the life of us. The short and sweet approach leaves an impact on the reader and makes one think about what was written. It is a novel approach reminiscent of Saints like Merton and Escriva.
    It will occupy a prominent place in the library for the young men to browse and read.
    Thank you

  16. Brendon The Smiling Chef

    So glad to finally get a chance to read this! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Mary Billington

    Good Morning Frankly Team

    Your magazine is SUPERB beyond words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you a million zillion for this beautiful inspirational publication.

    Can I order individual copies for people in Australia and if so how much will the postage be???

    Thanks so much

    • Kiara Pirola

      Kiara Pirola

      Thank you Mary for your great feedback, we’re so glad you’re enjoying FRANKLY. All the ordering and pricing details are at this link: http://www.franklymag.org/buy-now/