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Seasons of Grace

Modern family life is busy. The constant stream of events and activities shuttling kids around, work, parish or community commitments… It’s a constant drone that makes it difficult to maintain our focus on the things that really matter. Our Church calendar is a great antidote to the constant busyness, punctuating our year with seasons of penance and plenty, sorrow and
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Prayer on the Run

In Familiaris Consortio, (The Family in the Modern World) Pope John Paul II recognises the challenges faced by contemporary families … have become uncertain and bewildered over their role or even doubtful and almost unaware of the ultimate meaning and truth of conjugal and family life. Bl. John Paul II, Familaris Consortio. What’s a
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Getting Serious about Play

What are your childhood memories? I immediately think of happy times playing in the garden, building cubbies out of cardboard boxes, climbing trees, inventing adventure games and baking cakes in the sandpit. Research shows that simply playing is key to a child’s cognitive, emotional and social development. According to Professor Gray, a Professor of Psychology
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