From the Editor

Welcome to part two of our Raising Catholics Series!

CathFamily has talked a lot about the importance of our Catholic faith permeating every aspect of family life. Spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation and attending Mass are important on our road
to become better human beings. They are anchors that remind us of the big picture and our purpose as sons and daughters of a loving Father.

They are essential to passing on this faith to your children. Easier said than done; Family Prayer can be challenging! But as many dogged Catholic parents will attest, it is totally worth the effort. We’ve drawn inspiration from our readers and the experience of guest authors in the trenches to give you some ideas to forge or renew a family tradition.
Kiara Pirola

P.S. This is my last edition as Editor of CathFamily as I take leave to complete my Masters Degree. Stay tuned for the announcement of a new editor in the coming month!