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Creating a family culture in your parish

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Families are the foundation of our society and a microcosm of the Church itself. Children and their parents belong in Mass and our communities are so much richer for it. Our committed Mass goers have highlighted this particular truth in their experience of taking their children to Mass: People fear being judged... not by God,

The Ultimate Mass Survival: Guide for Parents

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Planning ahead Picking a Mass Generally speaking, if you have young children, a morning Mass is better than an evening Mass. Tired kids are not much fun for parents. Many parishes have a specific Mass for families where the atmosphere is more child-tolerant and family-friendly. If you can, make it your regular Mass. You’ll also

Serving those who serve

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The Chaplain Department of the Australian Imperial Forces was formed in 1913. It included 116 appointed chaplains with equal numbers of each denomination. After the War began, the numbers were rearranged according to the proportion of the populations. 414 clergy men served in WWI and received a total of 72 honours in recognition of their

Examination of Conscience for Couples

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“Most people think that once they marry then they can’t sin sexually. Actually, most people sin more sexually in marriage than they do before it.” These words of our spiritual director from our early days of marriage weren’t just referring to adultery and contraception, though these are serious and all too common. He was referring

Mum Likes ME best

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Karin was at her wit’s end. Her two sons, James (12) and Eric (9) were constantly fighting, bickering and annoying one another. “I don’t understand why they have to be at each other all the time. It’s so exhausting having to referee everything between them. Eric gets mad that he isn’t allowed to do all

2016 Dec-Jan | Surprise!

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From the Editor One of the most wonderful things about children is their surprisability. It’s so easy to surprise them, and their expressions of anticipation, followed by shock and glee, are a joy to behold! Maybe that’s one reason everyone loves Christmas; it’s a golden opportunity to delight and surprise each other. God is always

2016 Oct | Embrace

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From the Editor Marilyn Rodrigues Marriages are central to the life of the Church, our culture and society. They are vital to our future. St Pope John Paul II said, “Humanity passes by way of the family” and as we know, marriage is the basis of family. The Church is deeply invested in the marriages

All Hallows’ Eve Soul Cakes

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A soul cake is a small round cake made for All Souls’ Day (the 2nd November), according to a centuries-old tradition from Britain and Ireland. The cakes were given out by the more well-do-to of a parish to the poor who would go door to door ‘begging for souls’.  In exchange for cakes ‘soulers’ would

2016 Sept | Evangelise

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From the Editor Marilyn Rodrigues We have no greater treasure to pass on to our children than our faith. Father of three Sam Guzman, mother of five Carrie McCormack, and youth evangelist Fr Rob Galea share the reasons and the ways they share Christ's good news with the young people in their lives. To view