About Warwick & Alison Marsh

Warwick and Alison Marsh established the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, a harm prevention charity in 2002 to encourage Dads to the best they can be for the sake of their children. The Dads4Kids 'Good to Great Fathering' course is being rolled out nationally. Warwick is well known in Australia for his advocacy for marriage, family, fatherhood and faith.


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Like many men that have gone before me, I embarked on the journey of fatherhood woefully underprepared. Fatherhood is the greatest adventure you will ever embark on in your life as a man. Nothing will test you, stretch you and push you like your children will. As a father of five myself and as an

2014 September

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From the Editor Hello and thank you for joining us once again! This September is our annual focus on Fathers as we celebrate (in Australia anyway) Father’s Day on the 7th of September. This month we are delighted to feature Warwick and Alison Marsh of the Fatherhood Foundation. They have been working with fathers and