No Sacrament celebration is complete without cake! Here are some unique ideas to mark your child’s or godchild’s baptism.

1. Icing Sugar Patterns

This is as simple as baking whatever baked goodie you like, brownies, tea cake, (or even a packet mix) and then  placing a stencil on top and scattering icing sugar over the top. Remove the stencil and you have a lovely decorated cake!

2. Watermelon Cake

Baptism all about water and so why not do something unusual and make a watermelon cake. We have a couple of variations here to get you started. This idea came from and is as simple as carving a watermelon into some tiered and decorating with seasonal fruit.

Another variation is a trifle-style cake with layers of sponge cake, watermelon and cream.

Check out CathFamily’s Watermelon Baptism Font and Rosary Fruit Skewers.

3. Keeping it simple

Short on time? A baptism cake can be as simple as arranging purchased cupcakes in a cross shape like this one here.

Another awesome cake idea that is simple and good for crowds is Madeleines. We’ve included a recipe from Catholic Cuisine but you could also purchase them. Their fan shell shape mimics the iconography of Jesus’ baptism which John the Baptist used a fan or scallop shell to pour the water.

 4. Keeping it not-so-simple

If you are a skilled baker or know someone who is we’ve found some awesome ideas from Catholic Cuisine with their Baptism Cake Link-up. We’ve also pinned some beautiful cakes to our Baptism Essentials Pinterest board to for inspiration.
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That’s all from us! What are some of your favourite Baptism food traditions? Tell us in the comments below!

This article featured in the August 2014 edition of the CathFamily eMagazine.