Blessing is an ancient practice and common element in almost all religions. Why not start a lovely new tradition in your family with this simple Trinitarian blessing for your children. It is a great way to settle restless children to sleep and a comforting ritual for kids who experience nightmares or have trouble sleeping.

It is also a perfect little ritual to do with your grandchildren.

A blessing is simply a special form of prayer, where one person prays ‘over’ another, asking God to enrich them with his grace. Blessings may be prayed silently, though they are usually prayed aloud allowing the child to hear the words of encouragement and longing for his prosperity. Often a blessing is accompanied by a physical gesture such as laying one or both hands the head or shoulders of the child. Christian blessings conclude with a Sign of the Cross marked with the thumb on the child’s forehead. – CathFamily eMagazine, ‘Grandparents’, July 2013

For Grandparent’s Day

Take the handout and make it a special gift for your grandparent! Trim it and frame it with some paddle-pop sticks. Decorate it however you like! Check out for further instructions and ideas.

Download Handout Here

This activity featured in the June 2012 and July 2013 edition of the CathFamily e-Magazine. For more, check out: