Oil Lanterns were the main source of light at night or in the home in Jesus time. Make your own oil lamp and use it at family prayer times to have a sense of Jesus’ presence.oil lamp steps


  • Materials
  • Quick Dry Clay
  • Oil
  • Candle wick
  • Bobby pin
  • Matches


  1. Make a pinch pot by rolling a sphere and inserting your thumb in the middle. Slowly push your hum into your palm rotating until a bowl-like shape has been created.
  2. Pinch the lip of the bowl at the other ends so that two holes are present in the lip. Roll a coil and place it horizontally over the pinched area for extra support
  3. Decorate the outside of the lantern with a toothpick making impressions or adding symbols to the surface of the lantern for a unique feature.
  4.  Wait for the clay to dry, use a bobby pin to secure the wick in the small hole in the top of the lantern. Fill with oil and light the candle wick.


Download Instructions Here

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