2016 Aug | MacKillop

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From the Editor Marilyn Rodrigues Many wonderful saints share the month of August for their feast days, but it is hard as an Australian to pass up the opportunity to celebrate St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Sr Monica Cavanagh RSJ, the congregational leader of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart, has

2014 August

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From the Editor This month is the second in our Sacrament Essentials series. The featured sacrament is Baptism and we have written this with a mind to provide a bit of theology and also practical and simple ways of doing it in every day life. After all, theology that does not move us to action

St Mary MacKillop Drama

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Get to know this awesome saint with this drama about her life! It can be done with one child or ten making it perfect for classrooms and big groups. The script and instructions to make your own Brown Joey Habit are all included in the free PDF download. Download Script Here Enjoy and tell how the

St Mary of the Cross Mackillop

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For the first time, on August 8, 2011, the universal Church will honour Australia‚Äôs first saint, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. It has always been her feast day, but from this year the liturgical observance of this feast will be raised to a ‚Äėsolemnity‚Äô. What is a solemnity? A solemnity is the highest rank

St Mary’s Sweet Treats

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St Mary of the Cross MacKillop  is known for her habit of carrying sweets in her pocket to reward good effort in her students. Try this recipe for some traditional style sweets typical of those eaten in Mary’s time. Toffee Ingredients: 1 cup (220g) caster sugar 2 tbsp boiling water 2 tbsp vinegar sprinkes to

A Mackillop Feast!

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Australians are always looking for an excuse to roll out the festive foods that our Northern hemisphere brethren enjoy in their Winter season. Instead of ‚ÄėChristmas in July‚Äô, how about celebrating a MacKillop Thanksgiving? The Solemnity of St Mary of the Cross is the perfect opportunity to gather family and friends to give thanks for

St Mary Mack Chatter Box

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Use these inspiring quotes from St Mary of the Cross MacKillop to make a chatter-box to use with your family and friends!A chatterbox is an origami paper craft that is fun to fold and even more fun to use. Perched on top of two thumbs and two fingers. It requires only a single sheet of