Salt Dough Cross

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Kids young and old will love to make and decorate these crosses! They can be hung up or placed in your prayer space on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross or Good Friday. The beads can be substituted with whatever will withstand being baked in the oven, such as shells or small

Praise Flags

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It is good to praise God! When we praise someone, we reflect back to them their own goodness to them and we also can be aware for how their goodness inspires and sustains us. This is why human beings praise God, he does not need to be reminded of his goodness, but we need the reminder of how

Make an Oil Lamp

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Oil Lanterns were the main source of light at night or in the home in Jesus time. Make your own oil lamp and use it at family prayer times to have a sense of Jesus' presence. Materials: Materials Quick Dry Clay Oil Candle wick Bobby pin Matches Instructions: Make a pinch pot by rolling a