The Jesse Tree

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Get into the spirit of Advent with your family with this guide to Jesusā€™ Family Tree. ContemplatingĀ Godā€™s Family & Ours Children learn about love from being loved, and for most of us that love comes from our families. We develop our sense of identity, purpose, security and belonging largely from our families. Itā€™s no different

The Jesse Tree Prayer

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Preparation: JesseĀ  Tree branches or banner. One (or more) Jesse Tree symbols ready. Scripture story ready. Download Scripture Stories Jesse Tree Prayer [Make the Sign of the Cross] [Light your Prayer Candle] [Sing a song of praise or say together:] Lord God, Our hearts long for your coming. We wait to joyfully welcome you. Amen.

Making Your Own Jesse Tree

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Beginning a new Advent Tradition in your family could not be simpler. A Jesse Tree is a simple ritual that comes with a prayer (see this article) that takes a few minutes. Prepare your family for the joy of Christmas whilst introducing them to the many extraordinary men and women of the Hebrew Scriptures. For

Advent Wreath Banner

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Ā This Advent Wreath is an innovative and space saving adaptation of an old tradition.Ā  The pattern below makes a banner finished size 60 x 75 cm. If you want to make it even more quickly, substitute theĀ  fabrics for poster card and coloured paper. Materials Banner background: Dark coloured fabricĀ  60x100cm (eg. twill, felt) hemmed

Advent Prayer I

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[Make theĀ  Sign of the Cross] Leader: Lord God, you are the light of the world, the source of all life.Ā  Be our light. Be our life. [Light the Advent candles: 1 for the first week, 2 for the second, 3 (pink) for the third, and 4 for the fourth] Leader: Lord God, your Word

The Spiritual Ancestors of Jesus

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A constellation of traditions exist to mark the miraculous event of Christmas: God becomes man in the person of Jesus Christ. The Jesse Tree is one such tradition. Itā€™s the perfect complement to the great ā€˜Season of Saintsā€™ in early November where we celebrate the spiritual descendants of Jesus (All Saints and All Souls

The Perfect Christmas?

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The Holy Family may be the perfect family, but itā€™s doubtful Mary and Joseph experienced their first Christmas as all going to plan! If there is one thing that everybody associates with Christmas, itā€™s family. Images abound of grand family gatherings, delighted children, and relatives young and old enjoying sumptuous feasts. Yet increasingly, Christmas