Waste Not Stale Bread

By Kiara Pirola | February 25, 2015

One of the ways we can heighten our appreciation of the food God gives us is to avoid wastage. Here’s an Tuscan favourite for using…

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Feasting and Fasting in Marriage

By Francine and Byron Pirola | February 18, 2015

In marriage the fasting and feasting cycle is evident in the use of natural fertility methods which are the methods of family planning approved by…

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Fasting Before Feasting

By Marilyn Rodrigues | February 16, 2015

This year, consider fasting not only as a Lenten discipline in preparation for the feast of Easter, but as a time-honoured means of growing closer…

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Baptism Cakes

By Kiara Pirola | August 4, 2014

No Sacrament celebration is complete without cake! Here are some unique ideas to mark your child’s or godchild’s baptism. 1. Icing Sugar Patterns This is…

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