Watermelon Baptism Font

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A perfect summer treat and a healthier option to a cake, this watermelon recipe is so simple and fresh. All it takes is a watermelon, a knife and delicious seasonal fruit. It's a perfect dish for a Baptism party or kid's birthday. Ingredients 1 whole watermelon. a sharp knife a melon baller Seasonal fruit, washed,

Rosary Fruit Skewers Recipe

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Give traditional fruit skewers a ‘holy’ twist! Praying is not compulsory whilst eating but certainly recommended! Ingredients for 10: Half a Watermelon 2 Bananas 30 Seedless grapes 10 Large Strawberries 10 Bamboo skewers Method: Cut a 2 cm (3/4”) slab of watermelon. Remove the skin and cut into 5cmx5cm squares. Trim small squares from the