A Catholic Parent’s Manifesto

By Kiara Pirola | June 9, 2015
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2015 May-June

By Kiara Pirola | May 26, 2015

Welcome to our exciting two part series! We begin this month with Raising Catholics: Taking Kids to Mass and will follow it up with Raising…

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How do you do it? Surviving Mass with Kids

By Kiara Pirola | April 14, 2015

Dear Friends, We are looking to write an article that explores the experiences of parents with Kids at Mass. We’ve all had good and bad…

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Family Flick Pick: Lent & Easter

By Francine and Byron Pirola | April 10, 2015

Pop some popcorn and get comfy with these Lent & Easter themed family-friendly short list that CathFamily has compiled. The Passion of Christ. This Mel…

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Easter Rituals

By Francine Pirola | March 27, 2015

Without a doubt, Holy Week is the busiest week in the Church calendar! With so many important events, it is difficult for parishes to provide family-friendly services, especially…

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2015 March

By Dr Gregory Popcak | February 26, 2015

Mum Likes ME Best! In this issue we have called in one of our parenting experts Dr Gregory Popcak to share some of his insights…

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2015 February

By Kiara Pirola | January 22, 2015

From the Editor As we move towards Lent, we turn our thoughts towards spiritual rejuvenation and toning. Just as an athlete prepares for weeks (or…

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Prayer on the Run

By Kiara Pirola | January 20, 2015

Let’s face it; modern parenting is a vast juggling act. Between school, sports, music, coaching, medical appointments and homework it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Add to the…

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By Francine Pirola | December 22, 2014

“It was a typical school yard conversation. A bunch of mothers were talking about the various challenges their kids were facing – the usual stuff.…

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2014 October

By Kiara Pirola | October 1, 2014

A Conversation about… Housework Featuring: Bernard Toutounji, Marilyn Rodrigues and the Housework survey results! If you’d like to print this eMagazine, simply enter full screen…

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How you do Housework: The Breakdown

By Kiara Pirola | September 29, 2014

Hello all and a big thank you to all the contributors who made this post possible! Here is a breakdown of the entries we received…

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How your Family Does it: Grief & Loss

By Kiara Pirola | September 24, 2014

For our November CathFamily eMagazine, we are doing a feature on how grieving and teaching your children healthy messages about death and grieving. We’ll feature…

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