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How do you do it? Family Prayer

By Kiara Pirola | June 19, 2015

Dear Friends, We are looking to write an article that explores parent’s experiences of establishing and maintaining family prayers and faith rituals. We’d like to know…

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Prayer on the Run

By Kiara Pirola | January 20, 2015

Let’s face it; modern parenting is a vast juggling act. Between school, sports, music, coaching, medical appointments and homework it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Add to the…

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Make a Family Paschal Candle

By Francine Pirola | April 1, 2014

On Holy Saturday, the Paschal Candle is blessed and lit for the first time. It will be used throughout the Easter season and at Baptisms…

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Prayer Space

By CathFamily | August 31, 2012

One of the best ways to help your children grow in faith is to teach them to pray. There are many ways to pray as a family and it is good to have both regular routines and variety.

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2012 September

By Francine Pirola | August 31, 2012

Click here for the iOS friendly and print version

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Corpus Christi Bleach Banner

By Francine Pirola | July 9, 2012

Celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi with this simple craft project. It is a fantastic way to teach kids about the Eucharist and makes a…

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