O Antiphon Prayer Service

By Marilyn Rodrigues | November 30, 2015

Beginning on December 17, take the O Antiphon Bauble for that day and place it in the sacred space. Download Template Light a candle &…

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Easter Rituals

By Francine Pirola | March 27, 2015

Without a doubt, Holy Week is the busiest week in the Church calendar! With so many important events, it is difficult for parishes to provide family-friendly services, especially…

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Holy Week Explained

By Francine Pirola | March 25, 2015

It’s a wonderful season packed to the brim with meaningful ceremonies that bring us to reflect on the mystery of God’s love. Yet we truck from ceremony…

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Rituals for Lent

By Francine Pirola | February 17, 2015

of Death and Life It is often said that there can be no resurrection without death. New life is almost always preceded by death in an…

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Mardi Gras Prayer

By Francine Pirola | February 10, 2015

As the last day before Lent, traditionally this day is one of celebration and festivity. The words ‘Mardi Gras’ translate as ‘Fat Tuesday’. It was…

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Holy Spirit Novena

By Kiara Pirola | May 10, 2013

Considered the oldest and original novena of the Church, the novena to the Holy Spirit begins on the Friday of the 6th Week in Easter…

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The Last Supper and the Jewish Passover

By Francine Pirola | January 16, 2013

At Mass on Holy Thursday night Catholics enter the journey of their Saviour who walked the path of suffering and death to resurrection. At home…

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Christ the King!

By Marilyn Rodrigues | November 30, 2012

Despite the machinations of those who had rejected Christ’s peace, Christ’s reign is complete and eternal… writes Marilyn Rodrigues In 1925 the world was lurching…

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Making Your Own Jesse Tree

By Francine Pirola | July 16, 2012

Beginning a new Advent Tradition in your family could not be simpler. A Jesse Tree is a simple ritual that comes with a prayer (see…

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The Jesse Tree Prayer

By Francine Pirola | July 16, 2012

Preparation: Jesse  Tree branches or banner. One (or more) Jesse Tree symbols ready. Scripture story ready. Download Scripture Stories Jesse Tree Prayer Lord God, Our…

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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

By Francine Pirola | June 18, 2012

Lent is a wonderful season in the Church calendar – time set aside to renew and prepare ourselves to receive the fullness of life in the resurrection.…

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Advent Joy

By Francine and Byron Pirola | June 18, 2012

Advent means ‘coming’. In the Church calendar this is the four week period before Christmas, the feast which marks Jesus’ coming into the world as a new born…

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