What to Keep Checklist

By CathFamily | February 28, 2016

When deciding what stays and what goes you might want to consider the following: Prayer and reflection. Does your family have a place for quiet,…

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Brand New Grandparents

By Kiara Pirola | July 6, 2013

As a grandparent, or expectant one, your relationship with your grandchild comes bundled with your relationship with the parents. It can be helpful to reflect…

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Lovers of Life

By Kiara Pirola | March 17, 2013

Deep within the essence of the marital relationship is a parental capacity; the potential for husband and wife to gift each other with the new…

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Matrimonied Couples

By Francine and Byron Pirola | March 6, 2013

Are you simply married or are you ‘Matrimonied’? People often point out that Catholics divorce at the same rate as the rest of the population.…

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Talking about Sex

By Kiara Pirola | March 1, 2013

“Katrina wasn’t looking forward to the parent puberty information night hosted by the school. She had been fondled by a stranger when she was twelve…

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Mixing Faiths

By Francine and Byron Pirola | February 22, 2013

In a way, every marriage is a ‘mixed-faith’ marriage. Even within the same faith tradition, there can be different levels of commitment to the practice…

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Saintly Trifecta

By Francine Pirola | July 10, 2012

At the end of October begins three days of saintly celebrations. Here are some tips to make the most of them. Oct 31: Halloween –…

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Spiritual Spring Cleaning

By Francine Pirola | June 18, 2012

Lent is a wonderful season in the Church calendar – time set aside to renew and prepare ourselves to receive the fullness of life in the resurrection.…

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