No-Sew Unity Banner

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Try this fuss-free banner project with the kids. Hung over a prayer space, it is a great reminder to pray for Christian unity and unity in our own family. Materials 1 large piece of Fabric 50x70cm. eg. felt Scraps in various colours Wooden rod or curtain rail ~ 50cm length, 1 cm diameter. Glue- Spray

Prayer for Unity

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Sometimes, the best thing we can do is pray about something! Make this simple prayer ritual a regular part of your family's prayer life, and we can promise you, it will work wonders to increase the unity and peace in your family and in the wider community. [Make the Sign of the Cross] Reader 1|Corinthians

Unity People Chain

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"That they may all be one..." Make unity a regular point in your family’s prayer life. This simple craft activity is not only a lot of fun for kids, but also provides ample opportunity to teach them about the importance of working towards unity in all aspects of their lives. Instructions Download and print the

Ecumenical Marriages

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Jesus prayed that we “may all be one” in faith. Married couples of two different Christian traditions are perfectly placed to be living examples of Christian unity. They show the world the way forward to unity between the Christian churches. 'That they may all be one' ‘Ecumenism’ comes from the Greek word οἰκουμένη (oikoumene) which

Restoring Couple Unity

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What most often brings couples undone, is not one massive act of betrayal, but the myriad of daily pinpricks of hurt. Criticism, put downs, rudeness, small selfish acts, being taken for granted, independent decisions… it’s these little things that gradually erode the sense of connection and security in a marriage. Most couples brush these things

Family Unity

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Some of the most persistent and hateful disagreements happen between family members. Regardless of who started it or who behaved worse, reconciliation is the responsibility of everyone in the family. Whether you’re the one who has been hurt, the one who did the hurting, or someone who loves both the people locked in the dispute,