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The Rosary Keychain

By CathFamily / March 13, 2018

The Rosary Keychain is an integrated catechesis and craft activity that powerfully engages children in the Rosary. Each kit includes all the materials needed to…

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The Rosary

By Marilyn Rodrigues / September 18, 2012

A Calling Card for Heaven Does your family pray the rosary? Would you like to begin it as a family tradition but it’s just too…

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The Rosary With Children

By Francine Pirola / July 9, 2012

Get your kids involved in the Rosary with this simple craft activity. There is no better time than now to start something beautiful in your…

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Rosary Fruit Skewers Recipe

By Kiara Pirola / July 9, 2012

Give traditional fruit skewers a ‘holy’ twist! Praying is not compulsory whilst eating but certainly recommended! Ingredients for 10: Half a Watermelon 2 Bananas 30…

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On a Mission from God

By Kiara Pirola / November 7, 2022

Fostering vocations in your children. Priests and Nuns and Brothers don’t grow on trees! There has been a lot discussion in recent decades about the…

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Emotional Literacy

By Francine Pirola / June 22, 2018

Emotional Intelligence, sometimes abbreviated to ‘EQ’, is widely recognised as important for human flourishing. Some psychologists would argue that it’s the most important of the…

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Godparents: Choosing Wisely

By CathFamily / December 27, 2017

Godparents are more than just parental back-up or a nominated guardian should parents die while their children are still young; they are specially chosen spiritual…

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Preparing your child for first communion

By CathFamily / December 1, 2017

Make mealtimes special. Just as the Eucharist is at the heart of the life of the Church, family meals are the heart of your home,…

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The Field Hospital

By CathFamily / October 18, 2017

James’s conversion to the Catholic faith and the shedding of his old ways was a gradual journey, aided by the Catholics who befriended and welcomed…

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Tips to Celebrate Halloween

By CathFamily / October 13, 2017

Many families have their doubts about celebrating Halloween. For some, the practice of trick-or-treating is seen as yet another invasion by American culture. For others,…

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The Ultimate Guide To Family Prayer For Busy Parents

By CathFamily / July 12, 2017

Every family is unique and their family prayer life will be too! What works for one family would be impossible for another. Whether it’s highly…

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Praying with Younger and Older Kids

By CathFamily / July 10, 2017

Praying with younger kids Toddlerhood is a demanding and often frantic time. It can be tempting to delay introducing regular prayer, but as chaotic as…

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