Top 10 takeaways from Laudato Si

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Reframing The Debate The greatest contribution of Laudato Si, to my mind, is an overview of the environmental crisis from a religious point of view. Until now, the dialogue about the environment has been framed mainly using political, scientific and economic language. Now the language of faith enters the discussion — clearly, decisively and systematically.

Raising Money-Smart Kids

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Children can be taught to love things and use people or to love people and use things. Money is a most powerful created thing which can be used for good or ill. Parents are the number one influence on their children’s financial behaviours. It’s up to us to raise a generation of mindful consumers, investors,

Money and True Financial Freedom

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Is there a Catholic approach to money? The short answer is yes, it’s a God-given tool for us to use at the service of true human freedom and friendship. Fr Tony Percy and Cathy Harris, take us through it from their different perspectives. Fr Tony is a priest of the Canberra-Goulburn archdiocese and author of

Creating a family culture in your parish

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Families are the foundation of our society and a microcosm of the Church itself. Children and their parents belong in Mass and our communities are so much richer for it. Our committed Mass goers have highlighted this particular truth in their experience of taking their children to Mass: People fear being judged... not by God,

The Adoptive Experience

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By Owen Vyner For some people adoption seems quite mysterious as though it is an altogether different experience of parenthood. We have to admit that there are definite differences. For example, we first held our children at Denver International Airport and not in a hospital. We had no ultrasound images to pass on to excited

The science of happiness

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By Francine Pirola We all strive for happiness. One would think that it would be a fairly simple project: minimise pain and maximise pleasure. Turns out, it’s not that simple and instinct often leads us in the wrong direction. We expect that money, comfort, possessions and power, for example, will deliver happiness and that more

Advent Joy for kids

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Here are some simple ways to bring Advent joy to children while helping them to learn about, and personalise, some of our rich faith traditions. Advent Calendars There are some beautiful religious calendars that can be purchased through Christian book shops – avoid the commercialised chocolate versions that feature toys and reindeers. Mary, Mary... If

Annulments made easy… Really?

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By Francine & Byron Pirola A Painful Reality While every marriage begins in hope and optimism, sadly, many marriages flounder and in a number of those, one or both spouses decide to end the marriage through a civil divorce. In some of these cases, due to mental instability, violence or other serious dysfunction, the Church

BreakThrough the Reasons for Those Arguments

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Couples often notice when arguments arise they are typically the same arguments that have occurred before, just set on repeat! Why is that? Conflict and hurt feelings are normal aspects of married life but what isn’t normal, or at least need not be so, is remaining gridlocked in stale and unhelpful patterns of relating. And

Are you getting the help you need?

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5 Ways Seeking Help Can Make Things Worse  " I read books that told me to love more and give more... but they just made things worse." Inspirational, quasi-advice type books written by well-meaning people who have gone through the normal ups and downs of married life are often of little use to couples struggling