The Rosary as Awesome Couple Prayer

Many couples pray the Rosary regularly; they find the simple rhythm and set format an easy way to reconnect with the heart of their spouse, a love founded in Christ.

It is also a prayer for spouses under stress. When tempers flare, or wounds are deep, the Rosary powerfully intervenes to inspire forgiveness and restore peace.

Pray a Rosary decade each day for the intentions of your spouse.

“We pray the Rosary in the car, especially on long trips. Its comforting to know that Mary, Jesus and our Heavenly father are with us as we travel.”
– Byron & Francine

“We like to pray the Rosary in the evening. It helps us unwind after the day and refocuses us on each other and God.”
– Bill and Louise

As Featured in the October 2011 Edition of CathFamliy e-Magazine. For related activites, check out: