Marriage and family had a special place in the heart of our late Pope, John Paul II. Family life is not easy, a source of immense joy and also suffering and loss. John Paull II knew both, having lost his entire family to illness by the time he was 21.

The pressures of modern life have dramatically affected families. John Paul II was acutely aware of these pressures on families and dedicated an apostolic letter to families and a prayer to strengthen families. We have three prayers to choose from, John Paul II’s Prayer for Familes, a traditional Family Prayer and Blessed Mother Teresa of Kolkata’s Prayer for our Family.

Decorating ideas for your bookmark:

  1. Print the template onto light card, or hand copy the prayers onto any paper you like.
  2. Use the coloured tempates or decorate the bookmarks as you and the kids see fit. Suggestions: coloured markers, sequins, photos, decorative paper, glitter… etc.
  3. Optional: Laminate the bookmarks to make them more durable.

Keep them in your family prayer space or family bible to use in your family prayer time.

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This Activity featured in the June 2012 edition of the CathFamily e-Magazine. For more, check out: