No-Sew Unity Banner

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Try this fuss-free banner project with the kids. Hung over a prayer space, it is a great reminder to pray for Christian unity and unity in our own family. Materials 1 large piece of Fabric 50x70cm. eg. felt Scraps in various colours Wooden rod or curtain rail ~ 50cm length, 1 cm diameter. Glue- Spray

Corpus Christi Bleach Banner

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Celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi with this simple craft project. It is a fantastic way to teach kids about the Eucharist and makes a lovely addition to your family prayer space. Kids and chemicals don't mix, so this is definitely a supervised craft project. Bleach and clothing don't mix either so make sure everyone

Advent Wreath Banner

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 This Advent Wreath is an innovative and space saving adaptation of an old tradition.  The pattern below makes a banner finished size 60 x 75 cm. If you want to make it even more quickly, substitute the  fabrics for poster card and coloured paper. Materials Banner background: Dark coloured fabric  60x100cm (eg. twill, felt) hemmed