2014 June

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Hello and welcome to the first in our special series on the Sacraments! For Catholics, Sacraments are a big deal. They are major maturing milestones in our faith life, and often the centre of our communal life. Despite their centrality, many parents feel ill-equipped to prepare their children for the Sacraments, relying instead almost solely on

Spiritual Communion Prayer

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  We are required to attend Mass every Sunday and to participate in the celebration. For most of us, this includes receiving communion, though there can be good reasons why someone might not take communion such as needing to go to Confession or having only just finished eating. In these situations, we are encouraged to

First Communion Cards

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Your child's First Communion is a special opportunity to invite family and friends to pray for your child as they prepare for the Sacrament. We've put together four different A6 prayer cards for precisely this purpose! For the best results, print them on some thin cardstock and compose a little prayer with your family to

Communion Colour-in

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Your child's First Communion is a big event and one that is often full of children of all ages including little ones. Keeping them engaged and busy during Mass can be a difficult! However, that should never stop you from bringing them along! Your children belong in Church and are an immense gift to the

God is Here: The Eucharist

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Do we live our belief that Jesus is really present in the Eucharist, present in our churches each day? The feast of Corpus Christi gives us an opportunity to reflect anew on the real and living  presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. It was a school morning and I had lost my temper too many times

Corpus Christi Stained ‘Glass’ Window

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Celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi with this simple craft activity. Younger kids might need help with the cutting part but are free to go nuts with colour and materials in the taping part. Place it on a north-facing window for maximum amount of light during the day. Materials: A4 Black Cardboard. Cellophane or tissue

Last Supper Table Mat

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On the Thursday of Holy Week, we commemorate the Last Supper.  Enhance your family’s Last Supper table or prayer space with a decorated table mat. Materials 1 linen table napkin or piece of material. 1 Template or create your own design. Coloured permanent markers. Method Iron the napkin to remove any wrinkles and spread it