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There is a primal comfort that comes with fire and candlelight. There is also something truly mesmerising about fire, the flickering flames form intricate, beautiful shapes that are gone as quickly as they come. The crackling sound of good, dry firewood and the calming heat radiating from the fire provides light and warmth, a gathering

Table Talk

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In our culture of busyness, family meals are often a casualty.¬†And with loss of these traditions, we also lose connection¬†and important relationship time. The benefits of family meals are not just due to the superior¬†nutritional intake, which does tend to deteriorate in the¬†‚Äėeat on the run‚Äô alternative. The social interaction that¬†occurs around the family

Rosary Fruit Skewers Recipe

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Give traditional fruit skewers a ‚Äėholy‚Äô twist! Praying is not compulsory whilst eating but certainly recommended! Ingredients for 10: Half a Watermelon 2 Bananas 30 Seedless grapes 10 Large Strawberries 10 Bamboo skewers Method: Cut a 2 cm (3/4‚ÄĚ) slab of watermelon. Remove the skin and cut into 5cmx5cm squares. Trim small squares from the

A Mackillop Feast!

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Australians are always looking for an excuse to roll out the festive foods that our Northern hemisphere brethren enjoy in their Winter season. Instead of ‚ÄėChristmas in July‚Äô, how about celebrating a MacKillop Thanksgiving? The Solemnity of St Mary of the Cross is the perfect opportunity to gather family and friends to give thanks for