The Charisms of Marriage


Sarah and Henry are passionately committed to growing deeper in intimacy. Following prostrate surgery that left Henry impotent, they persisted in seeking new ways to express their unity. Their joyfulness is contagious.

Like every baptised person, married people are gifted by the Holy Spirit with charisms suited to their individual calling as Christians. However there are also marital charisms that are part of the vocation of Matrimony and which empower couples to bring God’s love to others in a unique way, specifically as a couple. Many of us don’t activate these amazing gifts of the Spirit, relying instead on our own will and natural talents to contribute to the community. However, our human resources, while vast, are necessarily limited.

Michelle and Mark have four children. Their home is an open door for the parish youth who are often found at the family table talking to Michelle and Mark about important life decisions.

Like all gifts of the Spirit, the charisms of marriage need to be consciously activated and cultivated in order for them to reach their full potential. Charisms are not for individual holiness, but for the proclamation of the Gospel.

Thinking about the following charisms, how do you see your marriage proclaiming the love of Christ?

Charism In the Domestic Church (the Family)










The gift of being one in mind, heart and body.

The gift of welcoming new life.

The gift of restoring relationship.

The gift of welcome and belonging.

The gift of care and education.

The gift of faithful dedication.

The gift of sharing without reserve.

The gift of forgiveness.

The gift of companionship and encouragement.

John and Barbara are the focal point of their parish community, welcoming people each Sunday by name and serving refreshments afterwards. They are often the first ones people call when there is a pastoral crisis.

Over to you! Was this helpful? What Charisms can you see working in your own marriage?  What inspiring couples have you had contact with that seem to exude a particular charism? Share in the comments below!

This article featured in the May 2013 edition of the CathFamily eMagazine. For more from this edition, check out:

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