Special Feasts

Mary Mackillop Prayer

By CathFamily | July 29, 2017

Ever-generous God, You inspired St Mary MacKillop to live her life faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and constant in bringing hope and encouragement…

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Saint Francis

By Marilyn Rodrigues | July 15, 2017

From Party Boy To Radical Christ-Follower St Francis (born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone) was the popular son of a silk merchant who dreamed of…

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Serving those who serve

By Isabella Garcia | June 14, 2017

The Chaplain Department of the Australian Imperial Forces was formed in 1913. It included 116 appointed chaplains with equal numbers of each denomination. After the…

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Who was St Valentine?

By Marilyn Rodrigues | January 23, 2017

St Valentine was a bishop in Rome who was imprisoned for performing marriages for Christian soldiers against the decree of the Roman Emperor, Claudius II.…

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Christ the King Plaque

By CathFamily | October 27, 2016

A fun craft activity for children and adults alike! Hot glue gun involved so younger ones will require some assistance. Materials Thick board/cardboard Pencil Hot…

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Salt Dough Cross

By Isabella Garcia | August 18, 2016

Kids young and old will love to make and decorate these crosses! They can be hung up or placed in your prayer space on the…

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Winter Joey

By Kiara Pirola | July 27, 2016

In light of the fact that St Mary Mack’s Feast day is in August, that she managed her medication like a pro, and she lived…

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Embracing Divine Mercy Everyday

By Francine Pirola | April 11, 2015

Why not try some of these simple things with your family to introduce them to Divine Mercy? For more on the history and the story…

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Divine Mercy Sunday

By Francine Pirola | April 10, 2015

In the Jubilee Year, Pope John Paul II established the Second Sunday of Easter as Divine Mercy Sunday. Popularised by twentieth century Polish nun, St Faustina, devotion…

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2014 November

By Dr Gregory Popcak | October 29, 2014

From the Editor Hello Dear Readers! This month we are taking on the painful subject of grief and loss. Our Christian Faith is a source…

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Spiritual Guardians

By Francine and Byron Pirola | February 23, 2014

Every person is created with a divine destiny: God created us for eternal union with him. Our earthly life is preparation for this union but…

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Angel Prayers

By Kiara Pirola | February 21, 2014

Angels are effective intercessors for us like the saints in heaven. Get spiritually in touch with the Archangels and guardian angels with these beautiful prayer…

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