Epiphany Gift Box

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Around Christmastime young children will be love making this gift box containing beautiful and fragrant materials representing the wise menā€™s gifts for Jesus; gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Then use the box in our Feast of the Epiphany prayer service in early January. We purchased some of these materials, but it will work just as well

Children’s Station of the Cross

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Based on a version of the Via Crucis used by Pope John Paul II at the Colosseum in Rome, this worksheet can be used to engage children in the Passion story. Working through each station, allow time for the children to reflect on each station and complete the activity. Say the prayer together before moving

Table Talk

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In our culture of busyness, family meals are often a casualty.Ā And with loss of these traditions, we also lose connectionĀ and important relationship time. The benefits of family meals are not just due to the superiorĀ nutritional intake, which does tend to deteriorate in theĀ ā€˜eat on the runā€™ alternative. The social interaction thatĀ occurs around the family

No-Sew Unity Banner

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Try this fuss-free banner project with the kids. Hung over a prayer space, it is a great reminder to pray for Christian unity and unity in our own family. Materials 1 large piece of Fabric 50x70cm. eg. felt Scraps in various colours Wooden rod or curtain rail ~ 50cm length, 1 cm diameter. Glue- Spray

Family Prayer Bookmarks

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Marriage and family had a special place in the heart of our late Pope, John Paul II. Family life is not easy, a source of immense joy and also suffering and loss. John Paull II knew both, having lost his entire family to illness by the time he was 21. The pressures of modern life

Peace Tree

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When Jesus promises peace, it is truly a great gift. No matter what challenges life brings us, we can pay for the peace of Christ to fill our hearts. Materials: Template Photocopier (optional) Prayer Space Sticky-tack & sticky tape Pens/colouring materials Download Template Here Method: Print out the template, with one dove per child. Enlarge

Paper Chain of Peace

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The origami paper crane is a traditional symbol of peace. Instructions on how to make them can be found with an internet search, or try some of these links: Origami Fun Origami Instructions.com For this activity, each family member can make a crane and transfer the words of one line from the Peace Prayer of

Corpus Christi Bleach Banner

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Celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi with this simple craft project. It is a fantastic way to teach kids about the Eucharist and makes a lovely addition to your family prayer space. Kids and chemicals don't mix, so this is definitely a supervised craft project. Bleach and clothing don't mix either so make sure everyone